Hulu Vs Netflix

How Hulu differs from Netflix 

Hulu does not wait for the seasons to end

For the series that Hulu has the rights to do not have to wait for the end of the season, they can be followed at the rate of their creation . Although Netflix has distribution agreements for which episodes of some series premiere in other territories at the rate of emission of the original country, the daily publication of new episodes of series and programs by Hulu is one of the main differences between both platforms.

In this sense, Hulu would be very similar to what was in its beginnings the TiVO, allowing to see in the following days the episodes broadcast, but without the need to configure the recording.

Searches by clips

If you thought that browsing the Netflix catalog is paradise (or hell, depending on how you look at it) of procrastination, if we look at Hulu for the members of the technical and creative team of the series, we obtain results (in addition to episodes of series or movies) clips of interviews, so the option of becoming monothematic is a matter of clicking or hitting the play.

Live television

Paying $ 39.99, Hulu subscribers have access to the entire on-demand video catalog and the ability to see live channel broadcasts that they would contract with a cable operator.

It allows to hire premium cable channels

In this section it is really Amazon that offers more possibilities, but Hulu allows you to add to the basic package Showtime ($ 8.99), HBO ($ 14.99) and / or Cinemax ($ 9.99) to see all its programming in direct and the series that have on demand. Netflix does not have this option.

The next original Hulu series

Now that thanks to The Handmaid’s Tale has managed to enter the big leagues, and the shooting of the second season of its star series is underway, Hulu must take advantage of its sweet moment to attract the attention of critics to their future projects and remain current in the conversation. The following are the most striking series he has in motion.



Adaptation of Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage ( The OC, Gossip Girl ) of the Marvel comics based on a group of teenage superheroes who come together to fight against an organization of supervillains who are no other than their own parents. It opens on November 21 of this year.

Castle Rock

A series of psychological horror set in the fictional town in which several works of Stephen King , created by Sam Shaw ( Manhattan ) and produced by JJ Abrams. Michael Uppendahl ( Legion , Mad Men ) will direct the first episode and Scott Glenn ( The Leftovers ) has been signed as part of the cast .

The Looming Tower

Based on the novel by Lawrence Wright, winner of a Pulitzer Prize, will focus on how the rivalry between the FBI and the CIA could lead to the attack on the Twin Towers and the rise of Osama bin Laden. The protagonists will be Jeff Daniels and Alec Baldwin . The scripts will be in charge of Oscar nominee Capote and Foxcatcher , Dan Futterman .

Locke and Key

Adaptation of the comic of Joe Hill tells the story of three brothers who, after the violent murder of his father, move with his mother to an old mansion that has a portal to another dimension. The pilot will be directed by Scott Derrickson ( Doctor Strange, The exorcism of Emily Rose ) and Carlton Cuse ( Lost, Bates Motel ) will act as showrunner . There has already been a previous attempt to convert the comic series, on FOX, which did not pass the pilot.

The First

Sean Penn (Oscar winner for Milk and Mystic River) and Natascha McElhone ( Solaris, Californication ) will star in this series created by Beau Willimon ( House of Cards ), a science fiction story set in the near future that will explore the first colonization mission In mars.