FuboTV Extensions and Special Features

FuboTV Offers Additional Modules, Pay-Per-View Channels And Additional Features Screenshot / FuboTV

In addition to the four main subscription options, fuboTV offers a number of add-ons. In fact, if you subscribe to the fubo package, you can even add the Spanish or Portuguese subscription channels to your list for an additional monthly fee.

Most of the additional packages are sport-oriented. For example, the International Sports Plus package adds channels like Fox Soccer Plus and the English and Spanish versions of GOL TV.

Another sports-themed package brings more than a dozen channels, including regional channels PAC12 Zone and Fox College Sports.

Apart from sports, there are also packages that add outdoor channels, children’s channels and even a set of Showtime channels.

Other additions include increased DVR capacity and an option to Watch live TV on fuboTV


FuboTV Allows You To Watch Live Sports And Other TV Shows Live. Screenshots / FuboTV

There are different ways to watch sports programs and events on fuboTV

If you want to watch a particular game, or just watch a particular sport:

Access to

  1. com Click on the
  2. type of sport you want to watchLook in the
  3. List of games to find one you want watchClick
  4. WATCH LIVE If you are not sure what you want to watch:

Access to

  1. com Click on
  2. CHANNELS Scroll down
  3. the guide to find a live program that you want to watchClick
  4. the name of the program If you want to watch a non sports show:

Access to

  1. com Click on
  3. a show you want to watchClick
  4. WATCH LIVE Does fuboTV have a DVR?


Each FuboTV Subscription Includes A DVR, Which You Can Pay To Upgrade For More Storage. Screenshots / FuboTV

By default, fuboTV comes with a digital video recorder (DVR) that you can use to record live sports events and other broadcasts. It’s easy enough to use, but it has limited capacity.

If you want to record more games than the DVR allows, you can pay for higher DVR storage.

To use the fuboTV DVR function:

Navigate to

  1. com Click on
  2. the sport you want to recordLocate
  3. the game you want to record. Click on
  4. RECORD DVR To watch the games you have recorded, or to view the games you have set, press

Navigate to

  1. com Click on
  2. MY DVR Does fuboTV offer content on demand?


In Addition To Live Sports And Television, FuboTV Also Offers Content On Demand. Screenshot / FuboTV

In addition to live TV and sports, fuboTV also offers on-demand content that you can watch whenever you want.

If you live in an area where fuboTV is not able to provide you Live on local channels, you will still have access to on-demand content from CBS, FOX, NBC and most cable channels that the service offers. .

Can you rent fuboTV movies?

You can not rent fubotv movies, but they have a selection of movies on demand. Screenshot / fubotv

Some online TV streaming services offer movie rentals, but not fuboTV. The service includes a large number of on-demand movies that you can watch for free, and many live broadcast channels also play movies, but there is no possibility to rent newer movies.

movies that fuboTV includes by default, you also have the option to add Showtime to your subscription, which adds even more movies.

If the sports content offered by fuboTV is exactly what you are looking for, but you also like to rent movies online from time to time, you are better off using a stand-alone service like Amazon or Vudu for rentals.


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