PHILO TV : What You Need To Know

How can I access Philo?

Aside from the personal channel preferences, here’s where Philo’s current deficiencies could drive some people away from the ever-growing service.

Currently, Philo is available via the web and via an application for iPhone plus you will find it on decoders, sticks and televisions Roku.

You see some gaps? Currently, Philo is not available natively on Android (you can watch via Chrome ), and it is not available on Apple TV, Android TV or Amazon Fire boxes . You will not find it on non-Roku smart TVs or game consoles either. Curiously, there is no native iPad application, despite the application Philo for iPhone.

They will soon fill a few holes: the Android app is expected to come out soon, with the Apple TV and Amazon Fire apps coming this summer. This is apparently a symptom of a small business growing little by little, but the thin access to the set-top box and the lack of a native Android or iPad app could cause some people to guess the service at that time.

The main features of Philo?

The biggest hook of Philo is the ability to watch a few dozens of streaming channels for $ 20 or less per month, making it the cheapest bundle service live today. The selection is not as wide as what you find on other services, and there is not a host of additional options like Sling TV, but it’s cheap and focused. And you can still access network channels via an affordable HD antenna.

Unlike some competing services, the base bundle includes DVR support, allowing you to record up to 30 days of exposure.

In addition to live channels and backed-up programming, there is also a great deal of on-demand content, including recent episodes of recent series and movies on bundled channels.

Philo also allows you to watch up to three simultaneous broadcasts on multiple devices, and it’s a standard feature on either package. Even a paid service like Hulu requires additional fees to watch more than one device at the same time.

Philo has also recently launched TV Everywhere support, which means you can connect to dedicated apps in each channel using your info and access. additional on-demand shows and other content. You will find a complete and up-to-date list of supported channels and platform applications that you can use.

Why not choose Sling TV or YouTube TV?

If you’re cool with the range of channels, then Philo seems like a hell of a bargain: it’s a big chunk of live TV channels for $ 20 or less a month, with on-demand content, cloud DVR support, and

Philo is not aimed at sports fans, serious news fans or those looking for streaming channels, and it lacks the kind of premium extras seen with the additional packages of certain services. But if you want to keep an eye on some cable / satellite channels at a much lower monthly cost – and you can get what you want from the channel list – Philo could meet your needs.

is a major drawback at the moment because you can not watch on Apple TV, Android TV or Amazon Fire TV, plus a native Android app is still MIA and the iOS app is only optimized for iPhones. However, these disadvantages should be lightened over time, and there is no doubt that Philo’s base price offer is very attractive.

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